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Masters Division Application

NOTE: Master ranking is typically 5th dan and up in Japanese arts and 4th dan and up in Korean arts. If you are from another art or system, please specify the normal "Master grade" for your art along with your present ranking....You must be graded a Master Instructor in a legitimate system in order to apply for membership. Thank you.

By submitting this application you hereby give permission to the WORLD HEAD OF FAMILY SOKESHIP COUNCIL to investigate your background. If any information is proven to be false after membership is issued, the WHFSC has the right to revoke and cancel your membership. If application is promising candidates must provide a $35.00 fee which is re-newable yearly or $75.00 for lifetime membership with your Curriculum. This initial fee will be refunded minus a $20.00 processing fee if your application is rejected.

Click the below link, save it to your computer then open it from the saved folder, fill out the requirements and send.


Fill out the application and e-mail it to: gmfrankEsanchez@gmail.com If there is a problem emailing this file, please save it to your hard drive and mail it as an attachment. Thank you for your interest in WHFSC membership.

After acceptance of application, successful candidates will be required to provide a Curriculum Vitae along with copies of all rank certificates in Styles which you claim masters rank in. This information may be sent via e-mail or snail mail to: P.O. Box 8395, Jacksonville, FL. 32239